29 April 2010

Mirror mirror (or picture) on the wall!

Good morning!

Rain rain rain on a tired morning.. The birds are singing though and the coffee-cup is large and hot! It will be a good day! :-)

Our walls in the old house are filled with pictures of our family. Some I know, some I have not idea how they are in relation. Still, very fun to see all these people looking at me from the walls!

The biggest picture above the sofa is of one of my great-great-grandparents, who lived in the 1800s. My great-great-grandfather was borned in 1832 and his name was Josef Andersson. His wife's name was Isalina Pedersdotter born in 1840.(Translated to English it's Petersdaughter, a common way to write last-names those days).

Two beautiful teen-agers - John Amundsen age 13, and Lovise Amundsen age 16- .

Looking forward to a good day, hope you do the same!
Happiness is a state of being, so be happy now! :-)

Lot of love,

25 April 2010

Side-closet on a Sunday

A view from the corner.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far and that you will have a very wonderful Sunday. Fill your life with love, it's the most precious gift in the world <3
Make someone happy today.
I would like to thank for the wonderful comments and hope you find you in the pictures that I show from my homeplace.
Lots of love

23 April 2010


Some coffee anyone?

The sun is shining through my windows and it's a beautiful Friday morning! Drinking my coffee and getting ready for work, at 18:00 my weekend begins. This weekend is all about family, looking forward to a nice visit from my brother and his family.

The man or woman who is filled with Love
sees Love on all sides and attracts the love of others.

- William Walker Atkinson

Have a wonderful day! :-)

18 April 2010


Sunday. Relaxing and not doing anything else. It's Okay, doing nothing sometimes.
Here are some doors :-)

Love and best wishes,

15 April 2010

My grandmother's pillows

Look at these! :-)

We just moved them back to the little red house, as we felt they needed to come "Home" and be together with the sofa. .. :-)

Today is a good day, don't let it slip away! I'm having a get together with some dear friends this evening - wine and cheese at the balcony in the afternoon-sun! Lovely Springtime!
yours Masy

12 April 2010


What wonderful sunny days we have these days!!!!! It's so wondeful and everybody walks around with huge smiles on their faces ! Lovely!
Here is a picture from the morning-awakening today.

The window-shield.
New week! Sweet joy!
Love to you all!

10 April 2010

Tra lalala

Sing with the nose and the voice that you've got!


Lots of love,

7 April 2010

The good girl cup and other cups

A selection cups of cups!
The first ones are of a cup my mother had as a child that says "good girl".
In deed she is, the kindest person I know.

I'm so happy today! I have such a wonderful feeling for the future, things are going in the direction and that makes me really happy. It's so good to have such days.
Just want to share the joy and wish all of you all the very best of this Thursday evening.
Just feeling the feelings of joy, what a bliss!

Thank you for such nice response and comments, it makes my heart warm.
All the best,




Sunshine in the morning.

The photos was taken a couple of days ago.

'Hope is believing in spite of the evidence, then watching the evidence change"

Have a good day! It will be a long day with a lot of things happening for me, but I'm in control of what needs to be done so then it's just a matter of pulling up the sleeves and start to work!! :-) A coffee-break in the sun is very important ;-)!
Lots of love from

6 April 2010

New week

Hi everybody!

Today it's back to the daily life for me. I've had a long and lovely Easter-holiday, resting and relaxing with family and friends. It was a couple of very lovely days. I've been so lucky that I could combine both "City-Easter" and "Mountain-Easter", the best from the both scenes! And with that the opportunity to meet a lot of my dearest.

Here are some pictures from the Easter in our "old house".

I hope you have had a very good vacation and Easter!
Wishing you a blessed start on the week and a good Tuesday.