7 April 2010

The good girl cup and other cups

A selection cups of cups!
The first ones are of a cup my mother had as a child that says "good girl".
In deed she is, the kindest person I know.

I'm so happy today! I have such a wonderful feeling for the future, things are going in the direction and that makes me really happy. It's so good to have such days.
Just want to share the joy and wish all of you all the very best of this Thursday evening.
Just feeling the feelings of joy, what a bliss!

Thank you for such nice response and comments, it makes my heart warm.
All the best,




  1. Wow, bor du i ett 1600-talshus, så underbart! Ser ut att vara vackert beläget. Fint porslin du visar också! Kram Camilla

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  3. Hello Masy ........i'am glad you feeling so well..............nice cups !!

    I hope you feel a lot of joy tomorrow.............have a good day ! enjoy hugs from Ria

  4. Hej!
    Tack för titten hos mig!
    Vilka fina koppar du har.
    Kram Marith

  5. Hej1
    Tusen tack för de fina orden. =)
    Jag önskar dig en trevlig helg.
    Kram Madeleine

  6. Vackra koppar og inspirerande bilder!!♥
    Önskar dig en skön helg!
    Kram Anki